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With growth of internet and innumerable websites, roles of search engines have become vital important. Every search has its own logics for listing websites and produce results while searching.

It has really become important for quality websites with rich content to be on top five get details from eldad lieberman. We make that possible. Even Google is very much interested in making the search result very rich, so we ethically make all the websites like (new york jet club) and optimize in a way to get better listing. Once optimized well we make sure that the website is promoted well, as promotion of the website plays a vital role in the listing of the website. There are several norms on which Google list a website and those norms keep on changing as and when Google thinks the result it is generating has become poor. We are sure clients are always aware of this. All websites owner need their website to come in top listing, just think if there are more than thousands of websites trying with the same keyword, Just imagine the situation, we always take an ethical way to get our clients website listed in #1 to #10 position with their potential keywords. Clients have limited patience to search for each and every page of "results".

With increasing submission of websites everyday, most of the search engines have started pay per click or only paid submissions. It is now 'real fight' to attain and to maintain first five positions. This has become need of the hour. Major search engines like Google are still on the track of delivering better or rich search result page, so we make sure that your website is counted in the slot of rich website content (with the help of the website optimization) and popular (with the help of promotion). Please remember this is all through ETHICAL WAY!

Only professional marketing engineers can deliver perfect results, as they have the constant update of what is going on in Google, Yahoo & other search engines. This is purely scientific work needs manual touch and understanding which no ready software can do. So let it be Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista, Netscape, AOL, Teoma, Dmoz, or any search engine, we make sure that you are getting potential visitors to your website.

The majority of website travels begin with one of the major search engines; visibility is a direct effect of website promotion or website optimization and is crucial for most businesses. With more and more people using search engines instead of traditional printed directories it is essential that your site is listed highly if you want any share of new business.

The obvious problem is that most people using search engines will normally make their selection from sites that they find on page one or two, and rarely go any further. This means that unless your site appears on page one you could be missing out on a wealth of new business. If your website is not listed at all or is down on page 30 or even page 25,692 you may realize already that you are not currently benefiting from the internet as you thought you might. Know the tricks who to get rid of negative entries.

Submitting to the search engines will not keep you on top. With new competitors entering their websites and search engines periodically changing their ranking formulas, your website can, and will eventually fall to a non-competitive position. We offer the critical elements needed to generate, improve and maintain those valuable search engine rankings through website promotion. Constant efforts are required to maintain your position on top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and many more.

Our promotion campaign guarantees to make sure that your website will appear the first two pages of a minimum of 4 of the world's top search engines or you pay nothing. Our guarantee will make sure that your company will appear within the top 20 whenever anybody searches for the keywords that are important to your business, no matter where they are. Check out our promotion packages now.

The following table should be highlighted on the first page

Search Engines 46%
Random Searching 20%
Word-of-Mouth 20%
Magazine Ads 4.4%
By Accident 2.1%
TV Spots 1.4%
Targeted Email 1.2%
Banner Ads 1.0%

following are the results taken from which clearly reflects that it is really important to have a high ranking in search engines so as to get more business through web.

Promotion Campaign:

  • Client wise Research on individual keyword so that you targeting the wrong keywords and all the efforts should not be in vein.
  • Creating search engine friendly pages, including preparing meta tags
  • Individual submissions to the Top 500 Search Engines and Directories.
  • Multiple submissions to a minimum of 600 additional Search Engines and General Business Directories.
  • Check rankings of individual submissions made to Search Engines and Directories each month after initial campaign and resubmit where necessary.
  • Monthly report for the website with its keywords.

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We have sucessfully converted more than 100 clients for (website optimization and promotion) in less than 1 year. We have the clients from USA, INDIA, Singapore, UK, London, TEXAS, Chicago, Dallas, Laredo, Los Angeles, McAllen, Miami, New York, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Canada, France, New Zealand, Kuwait, Dubai, United States, Thailand, Mexico, California, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Australia, Austin, HongKong, Iowa & Russia.

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